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Friday, August 11, 2006

Different Scoubidou Stitches

When you just start out making scoobies, it can seem quite difficult. Actually, it is very easy. The best way to become good at making scoobies is to, first of all, master the basic stitches instead of jumping in and trying to do the more advanced ones. This article will tell you of some of the basic stitches that you should spend time learning.

The Triangle Stitch
The triangle stitch can be made using only three strands of scoubidou string. This is one of the most basic stitches you can learn and is very easy to master. This stitch is quite similar to the square stitch that I will tell you about.

The Square Stitch
The square stitch is the base for nearly all other stitches, if you can master how to make the square stitch, then you can more than likely master any other stitch. You will only need two pieces of scoubidou string for this stitch.

The Circle Stitch
The circle stitch is quite similar to the square stitch and you will also only need two pieces of scoubidou to complete this stitch. Basically, you do the same thing for this stitch as the square only change the direction that you place the string.

The Butterfly Stitch
The butterfly stitch is very easy to make and for this stitch you will need two pieces of scoubidou string that are much longer than the length you would use for the other stitches as the string in this case will become much shorter when completed.

The Chinese Staircase Stitch
This is another very easy to make stitch and you will need four strands of scoubidou for this, however, three strands should be around 14 inches long and the other should be around 60 inches long.

As you can see, these stitches are very easy to make and only require a very small amount of scoubidou string. You can find many guides and tutorials that will show you how to master these stitches in no time.

The best way to get good at completing these stitches is to simply practise, practise, practise and eventually you will be able to do them with your eyes closed. Once you have mastered these basic stitches, you can move on to the more advances ones which are much more fun and interesting to make. Then when you have mastered some of the more advanced stitches, you can try to come up with your very own stitches, all you need is a bit of creativity.

Get started today and start learning the basic stitches. Take it one stitch at a time and get it perfect before you move on to the next. A good way to make it much more fun when learning how to do them, is to simply get a friend to learn them with you, this way it is like a little project that you can enjoy with your friends.

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