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Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Bit About Scoobies

Scoobies are pieces of scoubidou string that are shaped into different forms and objects. Scoubidou string is basically a piece of thin plastic tube that can be easily manipulated. These scoobies can be made into ornaments, keyrings, jewellery, craft projects, animals or anything that you wish to try and make, they are great for entertaining young children and have become one of the latest crazes in the united kingdom.

To make scoobies, you will need the following:
1) Enough Scoubidou to complete the shape
2) A pair of scissors
3) A ruler to measure the string
4) Some paper clips
5) Pipe cleaners

That is all you need to start making scoobies.

There are many, many different types of forms and shapes that can be made with scoubidou string but nearly all of them revolve around a few basic stitches and knots as these are what makes the scoobies. Here are a few of the different stitches:

The chinese staircase stitch
This is one of the easiest stitches to learn and can create a very nice effect. You will only need four strands of scubidou for this stitch.

The butterfly stitch
When you make this stitch, the strands usually end up being around half the length they started off because of the way the stitch is made. For this one, remember to use strands that are double the length of the finished shape you want.

The square stitch
This stitch is the most basic stitch and is the most used stitch. You must know this in order to be able to master all the other stitches.

The circle stitch
This is very similar to the square stitch and is sometimes referred to as the "round stitch". You will need only two strands.

The triangle stitch
This stitch is also very similar to the square stitch and can be done using only three strands of scoubidou.

Those are some of the most basic stitches there are and it would probably be best to learn about how to do these ones before moving on to the more advanced ones. These are very easy to learn and can be mastered in a very short amount of time.

Go out and get some scoubidou string today and start practising your stitches. You can find information about how to do all these stitches in shops or on the internet, just make sure you keep practising and you master these basic stitches before you try the harder ones.

By this time next week, you could very well be an expert at making scoobies. Go and get started now.

You can learn more about making scoobies at my websites scoobies


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